Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anointed.. ;p

em.. Now I'm little confusing and boring to make Law paper about "Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka", actually after I repeatedly saw this movie, I know the meaning of this short documenter movie by Fahmi Reza, Malaysia's movie maker.
So, I writing now to take a 'breathe' before I continue my assignment (Because I'm too lazy^^, even I haven't study for mid-term tes.. haha)

Beside 'that' boring things, I want to share my experience last night. It's wonderful event (read: Youth Gabungan) in GBI Modernland with "Double Portion" as its theme. I went there with GBI-LK youth, even I still didn't know one of them (when I asked to know them (read:kenalan), most of them form TC-UPH). I went to Moderland by angkot (public vehicle), which is nice with its blue lamp inside the angkot, but there are so many problems with the angkot.. hehe :) (maaf pakkk^^)

After arrived there, I follow every praise and worship, one of the worship leader is my ex.classmate, Asafita, with her amazing gifts from God that may sing with beautiful sound. Last night was nice praise and worship, although other youth were go with her boy/girlfriend in Sunday Night (read-baca: malam minggu^^).

After that, there was impartation or anointed session by Om Audy Rochadi, Michelle's beloved dad. He was look wiseful in pulpit of stage. He used his own style to make us feel Holy Spirit and God's grace. I cried as a baby when I came in front and there was sound that told my spirit was crying. But when om Audy said "terima anggur sukacita" I was feel in by holy laughter. After cried, I laughed (read: terbahak-bahak) crazily, hahaha.. I really happy, even I feel as chit chat with God at that time.

I want to give thank to my amazing Lord, Jesus Christ for all of His blessing to me. From yesterday until this blessed Sunday, there always speakers that told me to give all my problem to God and I will try it^^. ok, I would continue my assigment now.. hehe.. thx God.. ^^

Friday, February 26, 2010

First Time be a blogger..

phiuh, this is my first time I create blog.. Actually I really confused, but I would try and learn it more.. ^^
This blog would tell about my "Sincere Words" and it is open for everyone to read it. As a matter of fact, my english is bad, but I would try my best. Although in reality it is a blog that you and I might use bahasa, of course my beloved language :)
I created this blog, inspired by my friend (Rosalina) blog,. I love way how she express herself by words. Actually my blog's title is little same with her blog^^.
other purpose beside I love to write and tell my 'sincere words', I may use this blog to improve my english, give positive critics, bless everyone, and further.
Ok, that's my first post in my blog and I would continue, even-though sometimes, maybe I will not update it because of many reasons. :p
thanks for coming into my "Sincere Words" Blog.. Just leave your comments and always look for the update of this blog^^