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Friday, February 26, 2010

First Time be a blogger..

phiuh, this is my first time I create blog.. Actually I really confused, but I would try and learn it more.. ^^
This blog would tell about my "Sincere Words" and it is open for everyone to read it. As a matter of fact, my english is bad, but I would try my best. Although in reality it is a blog that you and I might use bahasa, of course my beloved language :)
I created this blog, inspired by my friend (Rosalina) blog,. I love way how she express herself by words. Actually my blog's title is little same with her blog^^.
other purpose beside I love to write and tell my 'sincere words', I may use this blog to improve my english, give positive critics, bless everyone, and further.
Ok, that's my first post in my blog and I would continue, even-though sometimes, maybe I will not update it because of many reasons. :p


  1. yes it is true! when you cant say something directly, you can share it via this blog (: it could make you feel free of worry. when the first day I updated blogger, I was perplexed. just the same like you. but day by day you will understand it. happy blogging UUAA! hahahhaa

  2. hehe, thx buu.. actually I want to write anything else, but I'll busy with law essay.. hehe..
    oh yeah, congratulations you had been chosen be 50 people of MUS.. hehe..

  3. hmm u could say " i actually want to write many other things but i will be busy because of law essay " bole dongg sok pinter nahasa inggrisnya :p hahah THX A LOT! wish me luck yaa.. hihii theres still super long way to go..


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